Born in July 1986

After graduating from a music college in Japan, he worked as a pianist.
After working with her own piano trio mainly in western Japan, she moved to Sweden.

She studied improvisational philosophy using vocal chords and piano with singer artist Linda Kallerdahl.

She then moved to Germany.
He produced albums and performed live with Achim Tang.

After returning to Japan, he apprenticed as an assistant at Akihiko Goto’s studio, Kaneda-style DC recording studio, Time Machine Records.

He began his career as a recording engineer.

After independence, music label

He formed “Art Studio Pinocoa” (currently integrated into Kotaro Studio) and produced many acoustic music works such as tango and classical music.

After that, he joined the video production team as a sound designer and audio person at Murakami Archives, a photo studio succeeded by Shotaro Akiyama.

He learned photography and video technology in earnest from Koji Murakami.

After caring for his grandparents at home, he became interested in the world of programming and learned programming from Mr. Kazuhide Kobayashi, CEO of GeoSense Inc.

Since 2023, he has been producing “Curanz Sounds”, a project to research healing acoustics and music.

He studies healing music every day to heal others.